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(This story is non-canon, there will be a disclaimer at the bottom of the page)

  After Michael, Fiona, and Sam tended to Odd’s wound – which really was not that bad – they split up to question the two prisoners and the French teens. Michael and Fiona each took a prisoner, while Sam took it upon himself to speak to the French teens. Having previously worked with the DGSE – the French equivalent to the CIA – Sam spoke the best French, and to be honesty, he was probably what one could call the most “kid-friendly” of the trio. Michael was stoic, and Fiona was impulsive and bombastic, while Sam had a naturally gregarious demeanor. He had long used humor to deal with stress.
  “So, how are you guys doing?” Sam asked, sitting in Michael’s loft with a big smile on his face. His mood was not shared by the French teenagers.
  “Where are the two men you captured?” Yumi asked, sternly as ever.
  “Ah, well; Mike and Fiona are taking those guys to a storage unit, where they’ll each be put in a different room and interrogated.”
  “What are you going to do, waterboard them?” Jeremy asked.
  “Oh, God no,” Sam replied. “We don’t torture people. But don’t worry, we don’t have to. Trust me, there’s nothing more terrifying than a pissed-off Fiona Glennane. And believe me, hardly anything in the world makes her more angry than young people being put in danger.”
  “My head still hurts from when she head-butted it,” Yumi commented.
  “Well, to be fair, you were the one who swung that pipe at her,” Sam replied.
  Odd was just staring into space, painkillers making him light-headed.
  “I thought she was one of those men in dark suits!” Yumi shouted.
  “That’s probably the only reason you’re still alive,” Sam responded. “Just sayin’.”  
  Sam suddenly turned his head and looked toward the fridge.
  “Oh, I forgot,” he said, before getting up and walking to the fridge. “I meant to get a beer.”
  He opened the fridge.
  “Any of you want anything? We’ve got yogurt, beer… and that’s it. Sorry.”
  “Should you be drinking right now?” Ulrich asked as Sam walked back to his chair.
  “Don’t worry, I’m a master at holding my liquor,” Sam replied as he sat down. “It’s when I’m not drinking that you should be worried.”
  Sam took a swig, and the teens just stared at him.
  “Who are you guys?” Ulrich asked.
  “Oh, well, I’m Sam. And my friends’ names are Michael and Fiona.”
  “He means ‘what’s your background?’’ Jeremy clarified. “Where’d you learn to do these things? And just what exactly is it that you do?”
  Sam took a deep breath.
 “Okay, I’ll tell you this much,” he began. “My name’s Sam Axe. I used to be a Navy SEAL. That stands for SEa, Air, and Land.”
 “So, basically, you were, like, a Navy commando?” Odd asked, still loopy from the painkillers.
  “Yeah, basically. During my time on The Teams, I was seconded to a lot of agencies. CIA, MI6, DGSE; you name it. When an op south of the border went south, I finagled my way into getting an Honorable Discharge and a pension. Oh, and a plane ticket to Miami. And I’ve been here ever since.”
  “What about the other two?” Ulrich asked.
  “Michael is, or was, what you could call… well, a spy.”
  The French teenagers all gave surprised looks.
  “Look here’s what happened. Michael got framed for doing something, and he got what’s called a ‘burn notice.’ It’s basically an espionage blacklist. When a spy gets ‘burned,’ he loses everything. They take away his job history, his credit, and they freeze his accounts. Oh, and he can’t leave whatever city they dump him in. So, Fiona and I’ve been helping Michael try to get back on the government’s good side, and in the meantime, people have been coming to us for help periodically.
  “I can tell you this about Michael Westen: if you’re someone who needs his help, he’ll do everything possible. He won’t give up, he won’t cut corners. He’ll get the job done, and he’ll do everything he can to help you. He’s got experience in spying and special forces. He can make gadgets out of house-hold objects, he’s an expert marksman – as am I, of course – and I trust him more than anyone else on the planet. My point is, you’ve come to the right place.”
  “If you’re older than him, how come he’s the leader?” Jeremy quipped. Sam laughed hard.
  “You try giving orders to Michael Westen. He’s always had an Alpha Dog mentality, and I’ll admit he’s probably the smartest guy I know. I’m more of a military guy, so I’m used to taking orders, anyway.”
  “So, what about Fiona?” Yumi asked.
  “Oh, her? She’s some psychotic Irishwoman Michael used to date when he was undercover in the IRA. And you’d be amazed with what she can do with a sniper rifle and some C4.”
  Yumi looked at the other French teens, and they all nodded. A rapport seemed to have been developed between Sam and the teenagers.
  “So, about these guys in dark suits?” Sam asked.
  “They’ve come after us before,” Aelita replied.

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Lyoko or its characters. I do not own Burn Notice or its characters. Code Lyoko and its characters are owned by Moonscoop. Burn Notice and its characters are owned by USA Network and Matt Nix.
It's been about a year, but I finally got around to updating Code Miami. I meant to update this back in June, but life got in the way. I decided to have it mostly be a dialogue and backstory scene. Also, I wanted to bring out some Sam Axe humor. I recently found out the current season of Burn Notice will be the final one, so that's pretty sad. I hope they make a spin-off with Sam as the main character. He is, without a doubt, my favorite character on the show.
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semie78 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
Yay i miss this story :) another great chaper ;)
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Just got another chapter of A New World up, too.
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Happy this updated
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Thank you. I'm just about to update A New World, too. Would you be interested. This particular chapter has Aelita trying to survive on her own.
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Never really liked the walking dead so I may pass on that fic
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Okay. Not even having the characters from Code Lyoko wouldn't be enough to redeem it (I haven't featured any characters from The Walking Dead, yet. It's just been zombies, Code Lyoko characters, and one OC).
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